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Wall-mount design, can be folded outward for space savings whilst maintaining the stability of a standard Squat Rack. 

Designed with hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid.

The distance from the wall are three types: 44/76/126cm, so that when the athletes do Pull-Ups it will give optional room to Kipping etc. 

When folded, two-way outer folding or folding in the same direction is required. Please note that it cannot be folded inward, if distance from the wall is 126cm

Laser cut holes (50mm spacing) and front laser cut 1-25 digits, a total of 25 scale numbers. For putting on attachments and positioning.

Powder coated finish, scratch resistant.

Connecting hinge thickness: 5mm.

M16 large reinforced bolts.


TZ-Q1038A: 440mm * 1500mm * 2300mm

TZ-Q1038B: 760mm * 1500mm * 2300mm

TZ-Q1038C: 1260mm * 1500mm * 2300mm

Space Saving Power Rack.

Uprights: 75*75cm square tube, tube wall thickness 3mm,2300 height.

Attachments Including:

(1) pair of standard J-cup.

(1) Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar

Color: All Matte Black powdercoating 

Optional Add-Ons: Other extra compatible fuctional Attachments parts need to be purchased separately.

Please confirm attachment compatibility when purchasing

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