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This Glute Drive-Hip Thrust Machine is our new and innovative plate loaded machine, with fully adjustable buckle belt, which makes hip-thrusting safe and easy to use.

Our Glute Drive-Hip Thrust Machine provides excellent glute workout with it’s adjustable feet platform, allowing for a deeper range of movement and constant resistance for better results. The machine is compact design, which makes very easy to find a spot for it in your gym.

Ergonomic back pad that follows and supports the back along the entire movement for smooth use. Fits all body lengths and shapes. A real booty booster that your members will love! 


Made of heavy duty steel frame 

Large, Adjustable foot platform

Comfortable buckle belt for ease and safety

Fully adjustable belt to fit various size users

Resistance band pegs

Fits 50mm Olympic weight plates

Powder coat finish

Full commercial use (max loading weight 250kg)

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