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1. Thickened version of the weight stack (specification 430*100*15.5mm), the noise decibel generated during the movement is lower than that of the conventional weight plate, and the sound is calm and not crisp.


2. The weight stack lables is gradually changed from green, yellow and red, giving users a direct and clear visual view

3. The guide rod is made of Φ25*2.0mm stainless steel tube, which reduces the shaking degree during the movement of the weight stack and makes the movement smoother. However, the conventional guide rod is Φ20*2.0mm stainless steel tube.


4. The simple and intuitive training guide diagram shows how to train correctly and which muscle groups are involved. The red icon rotates the axis position to guide the user to train in a neutral position

5. The handle, shaft joint and weight stack pin are all made of oxidized aluminum alloy

6. Using steel wire rope imported from Taiwan Φ5.8mm (7*19 strands of steel wire structure) internal lubrication and nylon encapsulation

7. Main pipe 50*100*2.5mm rectangular pipe, secondary pipe 50*75*2.5mm and 50*50*2.5mm rectangular pipe, etc.

8. Each frame adopts electrostatic spraying, three coating and two baking process

9. The product design is easy to assemble and disassemble, the packaging size is small, and the transportation is more space-saving and economical

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